Schneider was born in Miami, FL and currently lives in the Tampa Bay area with his family. After attending Broward College, he began working as a paramedic for over eight years. Schneider knew that he always had stories to tell that others would enjoy. "Pizza for Paul" is a book that Schneider both illustrated and wrote for the amusement of kids who love pizza. 

"A big imagination,  the love of being entertaining and being entertained" is how Schneider has been described. He feels that adults and especially children love to be taken to a place of inspiration; no matter the boundaries that they currently face in life.

One of the greatest gifts that anyone can do for a child is helping them learn to read. Seeing the benefits of his son reading, Schneider quickly realized that a different world opens up to a child through the pages of a good book.Schneider has met many parents that had hard times getting their children to read. He shared their concern and met many adults that were not readers themselves. Almost all of them have changed their perspective when they found the right book. 

Schneider Deve

​​Schneider Deve